This time around, I had my little sister with me(pictured above-who I love so much ❤ ). I decided to style and photograph her. It turned out to be a lot of fun for both of us-especially when I was going through her closet and telling her what to wear. When it came to styling her, this dreamy blue skirt-that I also love, popped in my head. There are a few times I’ve tried borrowing it, but that’s a no-go situation, so I gave up 😦 .I decided to pair it with her neutral grey vest and the super cute striped jacket. The high heel pointed yellow pumps completed the whole look-(worn below). I must say I was happy with it.



 For her face, I went for a subtle look. She had on her red lipstick-she has the same obsession as me when it comes to lipstick 🙂 . The lipstick is “True Colour” by Sleek and the shade is “vixen”. It’s a really good colour and I’m thinking of buying it soon- you can check it out too. She also had on gold eye-shadow just for a little bit pop of colour.



Just a snapshot of the jacket.


 Rocking her geek glasses.


 The high heel pointed pumps!!!!! love love love!!!!.

Thanks for reading ❤ .