Super Late on Tribal Print


To let you in on what my week has been- I have had to do two papers this week. So it has been loads of late night reading, discussions and early runs in the morning. Yea, I started this workout/how I start my day regimen by running a kilometre or so at around 5.30am but mostly at 6.00am and 6.30am when it’s hard for me to get out of bed 🙂 . I would really love to know about your work out routines – so you can leave a comment down below

Well, that was my life this week. I however managed to dress up a little as I was “exam-free”-if that’s a word, midweek, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you wonderful people.


To be honest with you guys, I have had this dress for so long and I have never put it on-at all! Yea, I know it’s sad-considering how gorgeous it is. Bodycon tribal print is that it is an eye-catcher that you don’t really need accessories.

The only accessories I have on is my beaded bracelet-and I am good to go…oh + a good pair of striking red heels!!





A simple beautiful look, just how I love it ❤ ❤

That’s it guys, It’s always lovely to come here to talk to you!! Let me know how you would dress up your bodycon tribal print. I could learn a thing or two 🙂

#Mike and Daisy, thank you for taking my pics

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IMG_3853Hey guys, I got something new for you today. This is a very easy look and you will mostly find me in this on a random day/ordinary day when I have nothing planned. I am still in campus at the moment, and this look is perfect especially during the weekdays when I have classes.I only have one year to go!! can’t wait! I know most of us find it difficult to pick out an outfit in the morning especially if there’s an early class and mostly we tend to go for what’s at the top of our shelves. You can get a pretty look easily by pairing your random jeans with a pretty colourful blouse- this will take just  10 minutes of your time. To make it more interesting, you can also add colourful doll shoes like I did and a few accessories to complete the look.









IMG_3867(1) I got to go!! 🙂

As always thanks for reading!! ❤ ❤ ❤





Hey guys :), hope you are enjoying your weekend… not forgetting your football- Woop! Woop! it’s world cup time(for the football lovers).

I couldn’t wait to put this post up as the street kind of look is so Bellz! I can’t do posts weekdays as I am currently interning. The weekend is here!! 🙂 and once again I’m glad to share my looks with you.

I decided to pair my UK-Flag top with my short cobalt blue skirt and the Sneaker Wedges that I love so much.These shoes are very comfortable and it completes the look so perfectly. I am thinking of getting more pairs as it’s my new obsession-so watch out for that 😉 . As you can see the red obsession goes on- as my lips, my nails, my top and my belt all fall under shades of red.




I also added this simple orange necklace. It really goes well with the whole look.


Loving the gold bracelet and of course a girl needs a clutch bag 🙂 .Ooh and the red nails.


This shot just happened, I can’t remember what I was doing 🙂 .


I think I was a little bit shy here.




Loadsa red going on…Yes, I am guilty of loving this  colour.


Wave the flag high or just wear it!!


Here they are!!!. The very very cool, sneaker wedges!!If you planning to buy sneakers soon, you should be looking at sneaker wedges-trust me. They are comfortable and very warm-keep July in mind.


As you take a tour into the online world, you can always stop by here; to chill, relax, you know-get to know what shades of bellz is all about. As I am always glad to have you here 🙂 .

Photography by my friend RICH ALLELA.

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 This time around, I had my little sister with me(pictured above-who I love so much ❤ ). I decided to style and photograph her. It turned out to be a lot of fun for both of us-especially when I was going through her closet and telling her what to wear. When it came to styling her, this dreamy blue skirt-that I also love, popped in my head. There are a few times I’ve tried borrowing it, but that’s a no-go situation, so I gave up 😦 .I decided to pair it with her neutral grey vest and the super cute striped jacket. The high heel pointed yellow pumps completed the whole look-(worn below). I must say I was happy with it.



 For her face, I went for a subtle look. She had on her red lipstick-she has the same obsession as me when it comes to lipstick 🙂 . The lipstick is “True Colour” by Sleek and the shade is “vixen”. It’s a really good colour and I’m thinking of buying it soon- you can check it out too. She also had on gold eye-shadow just for a little bit pop of colour.



Just a snapshot of the jacket.


 Rocking her geek glasses.


 The high heel pointed pumps!!!!! love love love!!!!.

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Yes, I posed with a rose. This explains my obsession with red or “shades of red” 🙂 . Red lipstick or lipcream only always does it for me, its my light make-up regime. I normally put it on when I’m in a rush to go somewhere and i want to look fab! I always do this when I don’t have time to do my whole my face. The lipcream I have on is my favorite and its ‘lip cream matte’ by essence. The colour number is ’04 silky red’ if you happen to love it as I do.




I paired the pink trouser with a dark silver vest and the coloured small wedge heel shoes. Its a lil bit pop of colour on my feet.



Me again with a rose.


An up-close of my small wedge shoes- which are very comfortable; i must say.


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