IMG_4239_BELLZSomeone please take me for a walk! – that is how I feel in this outfit. This look is meant for a Sunday afternoon; holla if you feel me πŸ™‚ . I am going to start with the very comfortable rubber shoes. I so love the checkered print on it, and the pink stripes in it. Moving on to my tights that I wore hereΒ are so perfect as the fabric is real good. I have not been able to find a similar fabric but if you know of a place I can get good tights let me know. Now to the soft pink top; I love it a lot. First, I love the colour. Second the writings on it – Here goes “Life was much easier, arem…blah blah blah blah blah” I guess the person responsible for designing it was drunk or something πŸ™‚ .

Peach-orange, I think that’s the colour. I am talking about my bag. It fits perfectly with this whole look. Don’t you agree? I think it’s the feminine version of a back pack. It has enough space where I can throw my stuff – as we (girls) move around with a lot!







My nails have kind of grown without me noticing as mostly I love them short. I filed them to achieve the appropriate shape and I think they look great #nonailpolish.


I have something planned for next week’s post, so watch out for that!!

As always thanks for stopping by and please keep warm.Β 

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Hey guys, I hope you are doing great. This week I had a little simple theme going on and that would be black sequin vest, harem pants and sneaker wedges.

We did the shoot in National Museum.Β It is a beautiful place, if you want/need some peace and quiet you could try it. For me, it was a rather cold day, so we (Rich and I) had to go to one of the restaurants to have coffee first as we caught up on a few things.

The look depended on how I was feeling that day and I was real cranky and moody 😦 – I am not proud. All I wanted to do was just put on something easy-#no hustle.

As you can see, I got a second pair of sneaker wedges to my humble shoe collection! I’m so excited I came across this beautiful pair.Β  #Tell me what you think about sneaker wedges, as I just can’t get enough.!

I threw on a bunch of bracelets and the beaded necklace to make the look a lil bit feminine.


Loving this shot of the sequin vest.








Sneaker wedges!..I am now looking for other colors. I am thinking cobalt blue sneaker wedges would be awesome – fingers x.

Glad you stopped by and thanks a lot for reading. ❀

Photography Rich Allela.




Hey guys :), hope you are enjoying your weekend… not forgetting your football- Woop! Woop! it’s world cup time(for the football lovers).

I couldn’t wait to put this post up as the street kind of look is so Bellz! I can’t do posts weekdays as I am currently interning. The weekend is here!! πŸ™‚ and once again I’m glad to share my looks with you.

I decided to pair my UK-Flag top with my short cobalt blue skirt and the Sneaker Wedges that I love so much.These shoes are very comfortable and it completes the look so perfectly. I am thinking of getting more pairs as it’s my new obsession-so watch out for that πŸ˜‰ . As you can see the red obsession goes on- as my lips, my nails, my top and my belt all fall under shades of red.




I also added this simple orange necklace. It really goes well with the whole look.


Loving the gold bracelet and of course a girl needs a clutch bag πŸ™‚ .Ooh and the red nails.


This shot just happened, I can’t remember what I was doing πŸ™‚ .


I think I was a little bit shy here.




Loadsa red going on…Yes, I am guilty of loving thisΒ  colour.


Wave the flag high or just wear it!!


Here they are!!!. The very very cool, sneaker wedges!!If you planning to buy sneakers soon, you should be looking at sneaker wedges-trust me. They are comfortable and very warm-keep July in mind.


As you take a tour into the online world, you can always stop by here; to chill, relax, you know-get to know what shades of bellz is all about. As I am always glad to have you here πŸ™‚ .

Photography by my friend RICH ALLELA.

As always, thanks for reading ❀ .