I am going to start by blowing you guys a kiss for being patient with me as it has been a while since I did an outfit post! I got time to shoot this weekend and it was quite a lot of fun. I have just realized when it comes to colour blocking; I love pairing red and blue. I have actually never tried any other colours but I am cooking something up, it will be quite interesting- I tend to think so.

I got this blouse last Friday and the frills on it made me grab it 🙂 . The beauty of frills is that they have this feminine aura and that they transform a piece of clothing completely. I decided to pair it with this pair of red jeans so that it would match my red lips and the red belt- #red obsession continues.



If you have been to Safari Walk, then you probably recognize this place. It is quite an amazing place to take pictures. I am surprised of how bold I have become as I was posing for the pictures and not minding all the guys that were staring. To disclose a secret to you- I am very shy!




For my accessories I went with the silver necklace my small sister- Rose got me for my birthday and I added the brooch to the blouse. The brooch is not just an accessory here as it also closes up the plunged neckline of the blouse.


Sparkly nails – that’s my thing now.Totally in love! ❤ ❤


My black peep-toe heels! One word- #comfort.


Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week! 

Much love ❤ ❤





Yes, I posed with a rose. This explains my obsession with red or “shades of red” 🙂 . Red lipstick or lipcream only always does it for me, its my light make-up regime. I normally put it on when I’m in a rush to go somewhere and i want to look fab! I always do this when I don’t have time to do my whole my face. The lipcream I have on is my favorite and its ‘lip cream matte’ by essence. The colour number is ’04 silky red’ if you happen to love it as I do.




I paired the pink trouser with a dark silver vest and the coloured small wedge heel shoes. Its a lil bit pop of colour on my feet.



Me again with a rose.


An up-close of my small wedge shoes- which are very comfortable; i must say.


Thanks for reading