4 ways to spice up your Bodycon Dress!!!

4 ways bodycon

Hello everybody!!

I got something exciting and different for you today, I do hope you will enjoy the ride:)

I thank heavens for the person who introduced bodycon dresses to the world…it is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. I don’t think there is anything sexier 🙂 . These types of dresses make such a statement that one would shy away from wearing it again from fear of everyone recognising it 😦 . You do not want to go to a party or whatever and everyone is like, “Is this the dress you wore at at that event…blah blah blah”

I have 4 ways to show you how you can spice it up.

1.Super Casual


Be as comfortable as possible in your bodycon by creating a casual look. 

You will need 5 items for this;

  1. Denim sleeveless jacket/shirt
  2. A colorful sling bag
  3. A belt
  4. A necklace.
  5. A pair of rubber shoes.

You can combine them as I have and also play around with the colours to what suits you best.






You can get an official look with your bodycon. You will need 3 items;

  1. A simple vest
  2. Good pair of shoes 🙂
  3. A brooch/ accessory 🙂

I kept it simple b using the 3 items above. #Note: you can always play around with accessories.




sweater top + pink belt

This is another sort of official look, however it can turn to a casual look, by having casual shoes on. See how shoes are important in elevating a look and as well creating a subtle look.

All you need;

  1. A sweater top
  2. A gorgeous belt
  3. + Good pair of shoes 🙂

You can match it up as I did or change it up by having casual shoes on for a more subtle look. You can also play around with bold colours-I can see that in my head already-“it looks good 🙂 “




All Black Everything!!

dark knight

Now this is my favorite look!! Welcome to my dark side!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I bought the skirt above a few months ago and had no idea of how I would style it. I am glad it fit perfectly with my black bodycon dress.

This is what you will need for this look;

  1. A pair of black boots
  2. A sexy skirt 😉
  3. A pair of glasses

This is my personal style, I don’t know if anyone would rock this, but if you are daring enough, go for it!!





What a lengthy post!! phew!!…I hope you have enjoyed reading this 🙂 . I will take this chance to thank my little sister Eva, for taking my pictures. I have this notion that I might be turning her into a photographer without her knowledge.

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Much love ❤ ❤ ❤




Another post from the streets! Yes, I am on a roll with shoots on the streets. Rich and I didn’t have a clue on where our next shoot would be, and we were like lets try the streets again, and voila! amazing photos came forth! #like the one above!

If you love cropped tops, here is one way to rock them.

I  wore a black vest inside to be covered up. I love the mix of the purple skirt and the pink cropped top. This is a look you will find me in, on my chilled out days; mostly weekends. As always, red lipstick is my friend forever. I also put on some gold eye shadow, I think they make my eyes look really good 🙂 

Let’s not forget those braids, don’t they look amazing? Fresh braids always look good! 🙂 



I love my maxi skirts with Masai sandals; easy breezy!






Its always lovely to have you here;

 Thanks for reading and mwaaah! ❤ ❤

Have a splendid week!



Hello guys,

I bet you are all doing great.

Today I have an interesting theme going on- a look for your free weekends. I am mostly dressed like this on Sundays. 

The mixture of the white trouser and the grey- white stripped sweater + the sandals has this “free” aura around it. Rich and I did the shoot in town and it took us like 5 minutes. I must say my confidence has grown from this because earlier I would never take pictures in public places.

I love the way the camera caught my braids in motion…makes me feel Jamaican #Jamaica is one of my dream destinations)…let me hold onto that, dreams are valid!!






I just can’t stop playing with the braids 🙂 🙂

Thanks for reading!!!

mwaaahhh!!! ❤ ❤ thanks for reading!!