On the Ledge…Literally!!



I hope you are having an amazing weekend-or have had an amazing weekend keeping in mind that Sunday is coming to a close.

N/B: If you are alarmed by the picture above, don’t be; I wasn’t so far from the ground – just one storey high….Actually that could be high for some of you, I presume. I grew up as a tomboy, climbing trees was kinda my forte, so I got this 🙂 .

It has been a whole day of studying for me – I am prepping for my final undergrad exams that will be running for the next two weeks. Finally, the last leg is here!! ❤ ❤

I am literally on the edge of closing that chapter of my life and getting ready to move on to the next one. It is an exciting experience as well as terrifying may be, I don’t know. I will just have to wait and see (as I give my best in everything I do) what the future holds for me.

The picture explains somewhat everything I am feeling; I can feel the sun on my skin and it is beautiful, but I am still on the ledge- the scary part.

I am however hopeful as an angel sent from above (my mother) taught me the principle of hard work. If any of you are at a similar stage as I am, just remember working hard never failed anyone. Its rewards are endless – this is what I will keep in mind as I leave campus.

Thanks for reading,

Much love,

❤ ❤ ❤

Wait a Minute!!! Part 1

od selfie 2

The smile on my face can tell you exactly how I feel. This picture was taken right after I presented my final year thesis. Damn, the joy is overwhelming. Pictured with me is my best friend Daisy.., the excitement after 5 years of school is just beyond 🙂 .

I must tell you the thesis took 90% of my time and all I was thinking about is “thesis, thesis, thesis…..” I have so much free time now, I feel guilty when I am not working. Then out of the blue, a thought pops into my head saying, “Wait a minute…You are almost done with school,” and a smile like that paints my face all over again.

od selfie 4

Power dressing is important. Everyone had t bring their A-game. Pictured above is my another close friend of mine Dennis-looking sharp buddy!!

I have never shared official looks on my blog but I think it’s important that you know I always opt for pearl  necklaces for an official look. Let me know what’s your go-to accessory when it comes to dressing for work or something.

ODefence selfie

To my #selfiebuddy Michael. What a day it was!! Just so you know, I am loving the afro 🙂 


The top that you see me wearing is actually this dress that I has been in my closet for quite a while. I was so focused on my thesis that 3 days before my presentation I didn’t know what I was going to wear. From this experience I learnt that styling is key, you don’t have to have new items every single time to look good. 

od selfie 3

An afternoon of the selfies with my Fav peeps, as we prepare to take a bow before we close the campus life chapter of our lives.

More photos here and here

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Stripped Maxi Dress + a little confidence


I got a new post for the week. It’s all about The Striped Maxi Dress.

I bought this dress a few years back and it is always my go to when i want something pretty and simple.

This pictures were taken last year-I don’t know why I took so long to share them with you 😦

I paired it with my simple short sleeve black blazer and Masai sandals.

IMG_6367Guys!!! We were daring enough to take pics in Lifestyle. At some point one of the guards came to inform us of the “No photography policy”. Its funny how with every single photo shoot, I am more confident. I know, if I tell you I am a shy girl, you wouldn’t believe me. 


IMG_6370Thanks for reading,

Much love, ❤ ❤

COLLEGE Fashion 101

Hello, cheers to 2015!..,as we all hope for a good year filled with joy and happiness.

I have just realized that I am about to finish school – I am literally at the edge, and I’ve never shared my kind of “college fashion” with you guys.

This is college fashion 101 as I’d like to share how I use simple garments to create an edgy campus look.

I used a simple tee and my floral tiered skirt as my canvas. I then accessorized it with a brown waist belt, beaded necklace, and my khaki-coloured stacked boots.

I also had my “geek-glasses”-lack of a better name-(if you know what they are called feel free to enlighten me in the comment box below) to complete the look.


The floral skirt added a soft edge to the whole look.

Remember the time when everyone was obsessed with that Bon Jovi song?

Well, at times I just carry my books to class, when I don’t feel like carrying a bag. This has occurred once, 🙂

My little sister Eva came through with the pictures :)…thumbs up!

That’s it for today

Thanks for reading,

Much love ❤ ❤

What’s on Your Nails?


On this day, I was just chilling at home nothing much to do. I look at my plain nails, and I decided they need a “face-lift”. I was going to write “nail-lift” but the sound of that is really ouch!! sorry!! – what is written can not be erased!! hahaha..”evil laughter!!!”

There goes stupid me :).

The beautiful piece of art resting on my nails include; Luron 77, 40 and 26. Each for around 95/=

I used one layer of base coat on my nails and two coats of Luron 40 on all my fingers except the ring finger.

I think accent nails are really cool and very awesome!..I had to do it. I used Luron 77 – my current favorite and Luron 26. I applied a base coat, followed by Luron 26 and two coats of Luron 77 to get the dark finish.

I am currently obsessed with shimmer nail polish, I am thinking of getting a quite a number of different colours.

DSC_0061My sister’s legs in the background

DSC_0084My phone had to go through weird angles!!, haha…trying to get the best shot!! or an interesting shot!! by whatever means!!




DSC_0107If my hand was to be a flower, I think this hibiscus would be the perfect fit!!

The deep pink in the middle invited me to pluck it.

Do share what’s on your nails, and as always thanks for reading!!

Much love ❤ ❤



I hope you are all having an amazing week.

I am guessing that you have noticed from  my earlier posts  that I braided my hair.

It has been months since the last time I got braids. I kind of took a break from it and decided to stick with my relaxed hair for some time. I actually  forgot how much I love them!

The interesting thing about braids is that you can style them in so many ways and each gives you a totally different look.

I would love to share some of the styles that I personally love with you.


The classic pony tail. This is the most comfortable as you get rid of all the hair from your face and shoulders. It is perfect on a hot day.

DSCN5285The ponytail can be transformed into a faux bun. If you want a neat office-look, this would do.




For a more casual look, I would recommend this one.

It is easy to do and perfect on a free day, especially Sundays for me.

I always get a liberating feeling when I let my hair down..,do you?

Anyways, thanks for reading and much love ❤ ❤