A Cultural Affair: 14th Kenya Model UN Conference

DSC_0158I’m guessing most of you are wondering what is “Kenya Model UN”? In a nutshell, it is a student-led non-profit organization which I have been a part of for quite some time.  Click here to learn more about it.

One of the most exciting days of the conference week was the cultural day!!, and boy, wasn’t it a colorful day at The UN!!! 🙂 

Jumping right into it, what do you think of the picture above?? She killed it!! Right?…I think I am going to mirror that soon 🙂 .

I will let the pictures talk to you…let me know the pieces that you love by leaving a comment down below.

#Pictures by amazing Paul Kidero




The guys did not disappoint 🙂


DSC_0207Loving the purple sari

DSC_0091#This is a lovely shot!! 🙂 

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Art Walk: Valentine’s Edition; at Kuona Trust Art Centre


What would you wear to an art event?

This is the question that kept ringing in my head a few days before this event. I bet some of you guys-like myself, always want to look the part for any event/occasion they get to attend.

First let me acknowledge the beautiful glass art standing behind me.

I have come to learn, that you do not have to ponder about it.

You will always have a notion of what to wear to what event, if not you can always ask somebody.

In my opinion, I would suggest all manner of prints for artsy events. Go all out, mix and match your favourite prints. Be bold enough to take that step, as you will be expressing your own kind of art 🙂

For the Art Walk, I decided to wear my bold printed animal print that I wore here and styled it a little different. It was more of mixing shades of brown, as you can see from my necklace, to my stacked boots and my waist belt.

Can you notice how one item-(the belt) transformed the dress completely!! (If you compare the different ways I styled it.)

DSCN6711A few pieces I loved by creative artists I met at the event. If you like any f her stuff, you can contact her here. Below are some of her pieces including phone and tablet covers.

valentineDSCN6708Ooh, didn’t notice that beige bag at the back.

Without further ado,

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Lucia’s Bloggers Giveaway + hellofood Kenya


Amazing blogger Lucia Musau has a Bloggers Valentine Giveaway on her blog. She is one of the Kenyan bloggers that I am an avid reader of. She is giving upcoming bloggers like myself a chance to showcase their work – that is if we get the chance to win the giveaway

She is in collaboration with hellofood Kenya, who were kind enough to give her a few goodies and out of her golden heart-(it has to be..) has decided to share it with her fellow bloggers.

To be eligible for the competition, I have to answer a few questions, so here goes:

1. How does online food delivery make your life easier?

Food delivery always comes in handy especially if I do not have time to prepare the food I want or whatever I am craving for.

2. Having visited hellofood.co.ke, I think it is fantastic as I get the chancing of having food delivered from restaurants of my choice. However they should consider having  deliveries all over Nairobi and add more restaurants.

3. What more would you like to see more on luciamusau.comI would love to see a shoe and bag collection. I think she has an amazing taste in those.

X fingers hoping to stand a chance to win!!

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Super Late on Tribal Print


To let you in on what my week has been- I have had to do two papers this week. So it has been loads of late night reading, discussions and early runs in the morning. Yea, I started this workout/how I start my day regimen by running a kilometre or so at around 5.30am but mostly at 6.00am and 6.30am when it’s hard for me to get out of bed 🙂 . I would really love to know about your work out routines – so you can leave a comment down below

Well, that was my life this week. I however managed to dress up a little as I was “exam-free”-if that’s a word, midweek, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you wonderful people.


To be honest with you guys, I have had this dress for so long and I have never put it on-at all! Yea, I know it’s sad-considering how gorgeous it is. Bodycon tribal print is that it is an eye-catcher that you don’t really need accessories.

The only accessories I have on is my beaded bracelet-and I am good to go…oh + a good pair of striking red heels!!





A simple beautiful look, just how I love it ❤ ❤

That’s it guys, It’s always lovely to come here to talk to you!! Let me know how you would dress up your bodycon tribal print. I could learn a thing or two 🙂

#Mike and Daisy, thank you for taking my pics

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Another post from the streets! Yes, I am on a roll with shoots on the streets. Rich and I didn’t have a clue on where our next shoot would be, and we were like lets try the streets again, and voila! amazing photos came forth! #like the one above!

If you love cropped tops, here is one way to rock them.

I  wore a black vest inside to be covered up. I love the mix of the purple skirt and the pink cropped top. This is a look you will find me in, on my chilled out days; mostly weekends. As always, red lipstick is my friend forever. I also put on some gold eye shadow, I think they make my eyes look really good 🙂 

Let’s not forget those braids, don’t they look amazing? Fresh braids always look good! 🙂 



I love my maxi skirts with Masai sandals; easy breezy!






Its always lovely to have you here;

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Hello guys,

I bet you are all doing great.

Today I have an interesting theme going on- a look for your free weekends. I am mostly dressed like this on Sundays. 

The mixture of the white trouser and the grey- white stripped sweater + the sandals has this “free” aura around it. Rich and I did the shoot in town and it took us like 5 minutes. I must say my confidence has grown from this because earlier I would never take pictures in public places.

I love the way the camera caught my braids in motion…makes me feel Jamaican #Jamaica is one of my dream destinations)…let me hold onto that, dreams are valid!!






I just can’t stop playing with the braids 🙂 🙂

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Hello guys,

I hope you are all doing great, as for me I’m ok. School is busy but I am fine with it. I expected all of this when I was selecting my course.

My posting recently has not been regular, I am really sorry for that 😦 . I got a few things planned finally!!  and they will be coming through weekly and on time 🙂

I am going to let the pictures do the talking for me for my Mombasa experience part two. 

The pictures are about me and my friends exploring Mombasa. I don’t know what you guys guessed would be in part two; but it’s only obvious to include my pals because without them it wouldn’t have been so much fun. 

Cheers and take care, 

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IMG_5021Someone was too damn close!!! :0