Lucia’s Bloggers Giveaway + hellofood Kenya


Amazing blogger Lucia Musau has a Bloggers Valentine Giveaway on her blog. She is one of the Kenyan bloggers that I am an avid reader of. She is giving upcoming bloggers like myself a chance to showcase their work – that is if we get the chance to win the giveaway

She is in collaboration with hellofood Kenya, who were kind enough to give her a few goodies and out of her golden heart-(it has to be..) has decided to share it with her fellow bloggers.

To be eligible for the competition, I have to answer a few questions, so here goes:

1. How does online food delivery make your life easier?

Food delivery always comes in handy especially if I do not have time to prepare the food I want or whatever I am craving for.

2. Having visited, I think it is fantastic as I get the chancing of having food delivered from restaurants of my choice. However they should consider having  deliveries all over Nairobi and add more restaurants.

3. What more would you like to see more on luciamusau.comI would love to see a shoe and bag collection. I think she has an amazing taste in those.

X fingers hoping to stand a chance to win!!

Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks for reading!!


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