What’s on Your Nails?


On this day, I was just chilling at home nothing much to do. I look at my plain nails, and I decided they need a “face-lift”. I was going to write “nail-lift” but the sound of that is really ouch!! sorry!! – what is written can not be erased!! hahaha..”evil laughter!!!”

There goes stupid me :).

The beautiful piece of art resting on my nails include; Luron 77, 40 and 26. Each for around 95/=

I used one layer of base coat on my nails and two coats of Luron 40 on all my fingers except the ring finger.

I think accent nails are really cool and very awesome!..I had to do it. I used Luron 77 – my current favorite and Luron 26. I applied a base coat, followed by Luron 26 and two coats of Luron 77 to get the dark finish.

I am currently obsessed with shimmer nail polish, I am thinking of getting a quite a number of different colours.

DSC_0061My sister’s legs in the background

DSC_0084My phone had to go through weird angles!!, haha…trying to get the best shot!! or an interesting shot!! by whatever means!!




DSC_0107If my hand was to be a flower, I think this hibiscus would be the perfect fit!!

The deep pink in the middle invited me to pluck it.

Do share what’s on your nails, and as always thanks for reading!!

Much love ❤ ❤

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