I hope you are all having an amazing week.

I am guessing that you have noticed from  my earlier posts  that I braided my hair.

It has been months since the last time I got braids. I kind of took a break from it and decided to stick with my relaxed hair for some time. I actually  forgot how much I love them!

The interesting thing about braids is that you can style them in so many ways and each gives you a totally different look.

I would love to share some of the styles that I personally love with you.


The classic pony tail. This is the most comfortable as you get rid of all the hair from your face and shoulders. It is perfect on a hot day.

DSCN5285The ponytail can be transformed into a faux bun. If you want a neat office-look, this would do.




For a more casual look, I would recommend this one.

It is easy to do and perfect on a free day, especially Sundays for me.

I always get a liberating feeling when I let my hair down..,do you?

Anyways, thanks for reading and much love ❤ ❤

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