“When you are in coast, you gots to rock the bikini”….my personal quote!! :))

Hey guys :)!,

It’s been a minute since I posted anything on my blog. I hope you are all doing great, I know I am.

I have just resumed school and being in my final year stuff has been crazy-you know kicking off our final year projects. That aside, we(me and my classmates)  got a break for a trip to Mombasa.! You have no idea how exciting that was!

We travelled on Thursday and came back Sunday. I know, it is a very short time for Mombasa but boy! wasn’t it a whole lot of fun. My best part was going to the beach and partying as it has been forever since I went out. I loved going to the beach in the evenings around 4.30 to around 6.30 as the tide was quite high at that time. I just loved the way the huge waves would come and hit us and we would run and scream away from it! “forgive my inner-child” 🙂


IMG-20140930-WA0001This was on Friday, we were exploring the old town with a few friends and buying stuff on the way. In my black paper bag lies a pair of very pretty Masai sandals for just 350/=. :O . As you can see my dress is wet, when we got to Kilindini harbour I decided to get in the water just to cool off.

In case you are wondering on what to wear in coast; this kind of dress is a good idea. I love its orange colour and the lace details on the waist area.. I paired it with a pink hat, Masai  sandals, a simple chain and bangles.




IMG-20140926-WA0001For the ones who have noticed, it says 41 but it’s actually 39. My feet ain’t that big :)- considering my height.

DSCN5466If you just want to go hangout on the beach, I would recommend a romper. I think it is perfect as you can still go wade in the ocean if you want to.

DSCN5482I am loving this cheap sunglasses (200/=) that I bought off the streets of Nairobi. It is quite edgy, totally love it!




looking at fish swimming is always therapeutic . 🙂

#to my friends, thanks for taking my photos. 🙂

As always thanks for stopping by..and you should visit Mombasa once in a while…it leaves you with this great,  good-feel energy.

Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

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