BELLZ.1Hey guys!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend, I know mine was interesting in so many ways. I was in Kibwezi from Friday and I travelled back on Saturday with my colleagues – If you read one of my earlier posts I had mentioned that I am currently an intern. Kibwezi was interesting apart from the heat that got my lips dry  and being told to watch out for snakes! The word “snakes!” gives me the hibbie jibbies! Luckily we did not come across any – I thank God. As for my lips I am using a beauty scrub that I just mixed up in the kitchen to exfoliate the dead skin. I will share that soon 🙂 

Today, I am going to share a nail art!! I came  across it on YouTube and I had to try it myself. It is called Water Marble art and it is so interesting, I hope some of you will try it out.

Following the numbered images above; all you need is two colours of Nail polish or more but make sure it is of the same brand – I was using a Purple-No.4 and a White-No.FT201 Luron nail polish. You also need some tape, nail polish remover, cotton wool and cotton buds. The nail cutter is just for you to cut your nails to the preferred length and file them to the preferred shape. Personally, I don’t like long nails. 

You will also need a round tin and distilled water. You can use a round glass or whatever floats your boat. The key is to have a smaller surface of water where you can put the drops of the nail polish.  Note: You have to use distilled water – do not use tap water at all! -The polish would just disperse in the water. The images are kind of self explanatory; all you have to do is keep adding the drops of nail polish one after another on the same spot till you get something like what’s on No.3. 

After achieving the pattern you like; dip your nail in it! Yes it is that simple. The tape is for you to place around your fingers so that the nail polish just sticks to your nail. If you look at picture labelled No. 1 you an see some tape around my fingers. The cotton buds and cotton wool is for a little bit clean up if the polish touches the skin around your nails. 

I have noticed I do not have as many pictures i.e; a step by step procedure but you will have to forgive me as creating this was quite troublesome. I was doing all of this at Daisy’s place – my best friend and we kept laughing at some of the fails, hehehe! I was using bottled water as I could not get distilled water; but it should work perfectly. I have tried this before and I used a different brand of bottled water- Quencher; and it was great. However this time around I just picked a random bottled water on the shelf assuming they are all the same; it gave me a lot of work as the nail polish wouldn’t behave as I would want it to.  I am sorry if the post is too wordy- but I feel like I should share all of this.

After a number of trials; this is what we got!






PS; I am working on my dry lips 🙂

This is it guys; I really want to know what you think of this kind of art. looking forward to reading your comments.

Have a lovely day.

Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

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