Kenya Fashion Awards!!

collage.bellzHey guys! I went to Kenya Fashion Awards! I heard about the event like 3 weeks ago and I knew I couldn’t afford to miss it! This was my kind of paradise as they were going to showcase different outfit designs and given how much I love dressing up! I had to attend! No questions asked. As you can see I chose a black body con dress and matched it with my colour block heels and mustard clutch bag. I had my red matte lipstick on and a simple orange necklace. You can always play with loads of colour if you have a black dress on 🙂 .

A few days before the event I was scared because I didn’t know what I was going to wear. I sent pictures to my sister and my best friend to help me decide as I was torn between two dresses. The night before; that is Friday evening I had my mind set on this black dress.

The event was held at Alliance Francaise and it was beautifully organized. It was supposed to start at 6.30 pm but it started at around 7.30 pm. Please note that I  am not complaining as I was 30 minutes late -the delay favored me 🙂 . I met so many designers and got to see their work on the runway. The models rocked the runway showcasing the different pieces and I would just drool at some of the dresses! #Flawless!

collage.coutureCouture Africa magazine giveaways. I was having a hard time selecting one but after going through them I made my decision.


ticket.kfaMy ticket to the event.

That’s it for this week and thanks a lot for stopping by.

Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

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