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After I saw this bubble maker, my inner child came forth and it could not just stay put. I am glad Rich Allela came up with the idea of buying it – I didn’t know I would love it this much ❤ !  In this post, you will clearly see how obsessed I was with the bubbles and how I could not just  get enough of it. I still have the bubble maker in my room, and once in a while I blow bubbles out of  the window and I just can’t stop beaming as the bubbles go high up in the air.

 The look I have on is so easy and free. Hint* (good for the weekends when you are chilling with your friends and all!) It doesn’t take much time to put on a denim top, fitting white pants and black heels. This look is so like Bellz -I know I say so many different looks are so like me; but I got a wide range of personal style – the different shades of bellz! You will get to know the whole scope in my blogging journey. So far it has been a few weeks and I am enjoying the ride! 🙂 , I hope you do too! 

I chose this particular denim top because of the animal print it has at the front; it makes it really interesting. The white pants, I love! They are made of this soft fabric and it fits me just right! – not too tight, not too baggy. The black heels were worn on this post and the orange bag gives the whole look a pop of colour.

Rich Allela






IMG_3599Just a little kiss





Hey guys, thanks a lot for reading!!! It’s always great having you here. Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

A bientot! (see you soon!)



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