Hey guys, I hope you are doing great. This week I had a little simple theme going on and that would be black sequin vest, harem pants and sneaker wedges.

We did the shoot in National Museum. It is a beautiful place, if you want/need some peace and quiet you could try it. For me, it was a rather cold day, so we (Rich and I) had to go to one of the restaurants to have coffee first as we caught up on a few things.

The look depended on how I was feeling that day and I was real cranky and moody 😦 – I am not proud. All I wanted to do was just put on something easy-#no hustle.

As you can see, I got a second pair of sneaker wedges to my humble shoe collection! I’m so excited I came across this beautiful pair.  #Tell me what you think about sneaker wedges, as I just can’t get enough.!

I threw on a bunch of bracelets and the beaded necklace to make the look a lil bit feminine.


Loving this shot of the sequin vest.








Sneaker wedges!..I am now looking for other colors. I am thinking cobalt blue sneaker wedges would be awesome – fingers x.

Glad you stopped by and thanks a lot for reading. ❤

Photography Rich Allela.


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